Our business has been built on an ethos of trust, which we have established over many years of working closely with our landlords. We want our landlords to experience an enhanced lettings service in terms of quality, trust and reliability. At Chris Anthony Estates when we say guarantee we mean guarantee in every sense of the word

What We Guarantee:


whether your property is occupied or vacant you will receive your rent on time each month without fail to your preferred bank account via our bacs payment system
We don’t just guarantee your rent , we also guarantee the condition of your property. This is achived through regular and thorough inspections to ensure your property is always maintained in the same standard it was given to us. We hold ourselves fully responsible for any damage caused by our tenants.
With Chris Anthony Estates guaranteed rent service there is 0% commission and no hidden costs whatsoever
With our extensive database of tenants personally vetted by us, we aim to rent your property within 2 days, in most cases we are able to rent your property the same day.
If any maintenance issues arise, we will inform you immediately, should you choose not to address the issue yourself we would be glad to carry out any maintenance on your behalf. With a trusted and professional team we can always guarantee the most competetive prices, sending their quote directly to you