Rent guarantee scheme

We will guarantee the rent on your property regardless of whether the tenant pays or not

What makes Chris Anthony Estates different

  • 0% commission fee (no fees)
  • No breaks in payments, no void periods
  • Rental starts in as soon as 24 hours
  • No utilities or council tax to worry about
  • Rent your property 365 days a year whether it's empty or occupied'

No additional cover needed

The leasing scheme save you time and money. As a landlord you wil not need to take any additional cover to protect yourself from rent arrears as this is all covered by Chris Anthony Estates.

We will pay your rent each month, rather than your tenants, which will continue through void periods even when the property is empty for a while. Chris Anthony Estates will also take on the day to day management of the property, including inspections etc.

  • Assessment of property certificate obligations - if instructed will carry out EPC, Gas Safety, and any local authority licensing required
  • Compiling relevant tenancy agreements
  • Checking tenant into property, and agreeing and signing the inventory
  • Managing all day to day tenant queries and property issues
  • Rent collection and any rent related issues

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